🎧 Episode 6: How I Decided To Do Standup Comedy

Alex Yang
2 min readApr 30, 2024

Today I’m publishing Episode 6 of my podcast How I Decided — How I Decided To Do Standup Comedy.

My guest is my good friend Ramy. I caught up with Ramy a few months ago and heard that he was beginning to do standup comedy performances. Ramy has a full-time job in New York City, so I was really intrigued to hear about this effort to do something that requires a lot of confidence and courage. I’m super glad that we could make the episode happen and learn more about why Ramy wanted to develop this passion of his and how he overcame his initial fears.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Why Ramy was so hesitant about performing standup initially
  • The nerves of his first standup comedy performance
  • Why Ramy is choosing to stick with this hobby of his
  • How to deal with audience feedback and iterate on your stories and jokes
  • How Ramy’s friends and family have supported him and inspired him to continue working on his craft
  • Bonus segment: This or That!


  • We’re often so full of ideas but we’re hesitant to share them with the world…the hardest part is to just put yourself out there for the first time. That’s how you can start to truly receive feedback and improve on your work.
  • Ramy had to overcome certain feelings like shame and fear to get started with his performances, but once he got started he realized that comedy was actually a safe space to be vulnerable and open
  • You’re never going to be perfect from the start. It’s easy to see the great work of others and be discouraged by your own performance, but you have to remember that to get to where they are they too had to go through a lot of failures and setbacks, so just keep putting in the reps!

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